About Wild Card Brands™


Back when they were still in high-school, co-creators Clifton and Brett invented the first version of the game using raggedy old playing cards they found lying around the camp house while waiting in between hunts. Great ideas never die, so some twenty years later the guys are finally ready to deliver two first of their kind card games that perfectly balance fun, simplicity, and game strategy.

History behind the “Ain’t got jack” card:

A lot of things can go wrong with a hunt or a fishing trip. The truck won’t start, the moon isn’t right, or maybe the weather is just plain lousy…and don’t you forget about the quarry itself. A deer’s five senses are about a billion times better than yours, and sometimes, a bad backlash will really ruin your day. Who hasn’t howled out when a big fish breaks you off in a treetop, or suffered the sting of getting busted downwind? Have you ever endured the agony of lining up that perfect shot, only to hear a “CLICK” when the trigger gets pulled? That’s what we thought. It all leads to cold hearts, empty hands, and the unbearable memory of that beautiful white tail boldly bounding away, or that lunker bass swimming off with your favorite ten dollar crankbait. It’s all a part of the crazy game we love, and oh, does it hurt so good! Why else would we keep going back for more?

Here at Wild Card Brands, we’ve rolled all that misery up into what we feel is near-perfect terminology: “You Ain’t Got Jack!” Is that bad luck bound to turn? Nope, You Ain’t Got Jack! Missed three in a row and no way for a fourth? Sorry, you Ain’t Got Jack. But you’re the one winning the game running away? Not a chance. Drop all those cards because you’re the one who Ain’t Got Jack!!! Lady luck might be a harsh mistress, but Ain’t Got Jack is the coldest cat of all. He comes without warning, and he hits where it hurts. Consider it our way of providing a realistic gaming experience. We may never fully understand how nature works, but we dang sure know what Ain’t Got Jack means…and now, you will too. So go forth, revel in each other’s pain, and be sure to spread the celebration around!