How to play Wild Card

How to Play: 

There are six blue Vehicle/Boat Cards, two green Hunting/Fishing Area Cards, and nine red Wild Cards in the deck.  

Before the game begins, deal all players one Vehicle Card and one Wild Card. Place the two Hunting/Fishing Area Cards face up on the table. The remaining Wild Cards are inserted back into the deck, and the unused Vehicle Cards are set aside. 

Shuffle the deck and place it face down between the two Hunting/Fishing Area Cards.  

Determine the order of players and begin the game. Player one will select a Hunting/Fishing Area by placing his or her Vehicle/Boat Card on top of the Red or Black Area Card. 

Player one then draws the next card from the deck. To take a Buck/Bass Card, the color drawn must match the color of the selected Hunting/Fishing Area.  For example, if player one places his or her Vehicle Card on top of the Red Hunting/Fishing Area and then draws a Red Buck/Bass, the player has “captured” that Buck/Bass and keeps the card. If player one draws a Black Buck/Bass, he or she has “missed” and must remove that card by placing it face up on the table in the discard pile. 

All Wild Cards allow players to perform the action stated on the card. The No Trespassing Card can be played at any time, but all other Wild Cards can only be played when it is the player’s turn.  

Once a player completes a turn, he or she picks up the Vehicle Card from the Hunting/Fishing Area and awaits the next turn. 

All captured Buck/Bass Cards are kept face up so players can see the opponents’ score at all times. Wild Cards do not have to be shown.  

The Cards:  

Hunting/Fishing Area Cards have images of the two areas the players will choose to hunt from. 

Vehicle Cards are used to select a Hunting/Fishing Area. 

All numbered Buck/Bass Cards equate to a corresponding size. 

Tips from Expert Outdoorsmen: There are 14 red and 14 black deer/bass cards, so pick a color and start counting as they go by to give yourself better odds of where the deer/bass are. 

Wild Cards:  

Wild Cards drawn during the game can be played immediately or at a later time.  

The Lure a Buck/Bass Away Card allows the user to take any Buck/Bass Card from another player.   

The Second Chance Wild Card allows the user to exchange it for the top card on the discard pile. For example, if Player one is hunting/fishing the Red Area and “misses” by drawing a black 14 point Buck or 10 lbs Bass Card, Player two can play the Second Chance Wild Card and “capture” that Buck/Bass from the top of the discard pile. The Second Chance can only be played when it is the user’s turn.   

Tips from Expert Outdoorsmen: Second Chance cards can be used to pick up deer/bass cards as well as the last used Wild Card. For instance, if player 1 plays a No Fishing/Hunting card to block player 2’s turn, player 3 can then play a Second Chance card and pick up the No Fishing/Hunting card.  

The No Trespassing/Fishing Wild Card allows the user to play this card immediately before another player’s turn in order to block his or her hunt/cast. This card can be played at any point in the game, even when it is not the user’s turn.  

Tips from Expert Outdoorsmen: Play a No Trespassing/Fishing card if the player ahead of you is about to draw a Wild Card from the deck so that you can capture that Wild Card before he or she does. In a two player game, the No Trespassing/Fishing card is used as a skip card. For example, if Player 2 plays a No Trespassing/Fishing card so that player 1’s turn is blocked, and then throw a Second Chance card and picks back up his No Trespassing/Fishing card. Double Wild Card usage! 

Lose Your Turn Cards:  

These card must be played immediately upon drawing them.  

The Hunting Without a License Card requires a player to remove one of his or her Buck cards to the discard pile. If the player has no Buck Cards, the turn is lost.  

Tips from Expert Outdoorsmen: Consider keeping a small deer/bass in your hand in case you draw a Hunting without a license card and have to release a larger deer/bass. 

The Ain’t Got Jack Card requires the player to remove all cards—Buck and Action Cards—to the discard pile. In this case, you ain’t got jack! 

Tips from Expert Outdoorsmen: Consider waiting until both Ain’t Got Jacks are removed from the deck before you play a Lure a bass/deer away card otherwise you risk losing your hand.